First time ever use of memory techniques to learn English Smart future ready classes in your neighborhood Use of Educational software, computer games, audio-video aids, board games & fun stuff Coverage of complete English Grammar in harmony with curriculum topics Adequate exposure-role play sessions, competitions; level based learning, individual attentioninteractive worksheets, English speaking, AAA's 10 year experienceAll this with fun techniques.Learning with masti which is long lasting & faster than ever

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


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There might be many reasons for you to not been able to communicate in English. To help you overcome, Accord English brings to you Accord English Interactive Learning Program (AEILP) in collaboration with AAA Pvt Ltd Learning, The world leading provider of innovative learning techniques. This program is aimed at improving your English grammar & conversation skills, writing and pronunciation.
Some of the key benefits of the program are

Learn with memory techniques: First time ever memory techniques are being used to teach English so now you can learn the rules easily and for lifelong. This makes your experience a pleasant one to recall and use grammar rules as and when required.

Learn on computerStudents work one-on-one or in a very small group on computer with our interactive programmes based on educational software and games.

Learn at your convenience: Schedule sessions at your convenience, nearby to your place. Classes too are scheduled on weekends for your comfort.

        All of this can be done at centre nearby you!

eAge Tutor

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Accord English Interactive Learning Program (AEILP) - How does it work?

AEILP begins with a free Accord English Aptitude Test, itself Rs 300 value. Based on the results of the test, the student is placed in appropriate level by an Academic Counselor. Then, the student and tutor simply meet in a multimedia classroom to accelerate learning and ensure student is able to speak and write well..... During the session an instructor uses variety of tools and practice exercises to ensure best outcome. This includes role plays, listening exercises, vocabulary building exercises, by connecting the program with day to day situations.Students and instructor move through each level together, beginning with a review of the last class materials, followed by a new lesson, then by guiding practice, and finally ending with an interactive session of games and activities for revision.
So, if you are looking for a complete package of English learning, which would help you to master this Language, all you need to do is register now and get on the road to professional success.

Accord English Interactive Learning Program (AEILP) - How to meet your instructor?

First, simply register for a free Aptitude test. Based on this test, an Accord English academic counselor will work out a completely step-by-step learning program that would suit your needs and will place you into appropriate level.

Then, come to attend your scheduled session by your instructor.

Simply get ready for world of fun learning.

Share documents, web information and more all while learning naturally with your instructor.

Learn appropriate vocabulary, right pronunciation & how to speak well on the shared virtual whiteboard while talking back & forth using a computer software, worksheets and boardgames.

No additional software purchases are needed.

Accord English Interactive Learning Program (AEILP) - Why choose Accord English?

Here I would like to draw your attention towards a note mentioned in wikidpedia about Einstein -  Researchers at McMaster University speculated that the vacancy may have enabled neurons in his specific part of his brain to communicate better."This unusual brain anatomy...(missing part of the Sylvian fissure)... may explain why Einstein thought the way he did," said Professor Sandra Witelson who led the research published in The Lancet. This study was based on photographs of Einstein's brain made in 1955 by Dr. Harvey, and not direct examination of the brain. "Einstein himself claimed that he thought visually rather than verbally." and this is why we are using memory techniques first time ever to teach English language to make your child learning easy and effective like the Einstein. 

Memory techniques: Memory techniques make it an easy task to enjoy the studies instead of bearing load of it.
Software, games, board games, worksheets: English learning happens in a multimedia classroom and you   can use world class software, games, board games with well designed worksheets to enjoy and practice while with a new environment of learning.
Adequate exposure: We provide adequate exposure to increase confidence for practical use of knowledge.
Small Batch Size: We care for our student's success; in order to make sure that you get the best outcome, there is small group of students which brings fun filled interaction and practice.
True Professionals: Accord English ensures students master what they need to learn, no quick fixes or simply providing answers. Instead, our English instructors are ethical, educational professionals invested in students' long-term success.
AEILP is based on “AAA Pvt Ltd’s” 10 years educational experience of innovative teaching approach, which makes it a unique programme designed according the real need of end user and that is a child. AAA Pvt Ltd is an institute with different programmes of innovative learning in almost every sphere of education.

Accord English Interactive Learning Program (AEILP)

Accord English is a premium English learning experience provider. Using materials developed by highly qualified educators and leading content developers, a team of top-notch experts and a group of passionate teachers, Accord English works to ensure the success and satisfaction of all of its students. It provides software, games and worksheets developed for the true success of students. Contact us online, visit one of our centres or give us a call to discuss how we can help make the dreams of the student in your life come true!

Don’t let others show you miracle instead be the part of it Contact us now for your FREE Aptitude test today.

Contact us today- call at 9868504260, 9310062162, 9654443667 or CLICK HERE

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